a beautiful vision

by orbit service



released December 28, 2011



all rights reserved


orbit service Denver, Colorado

"emotionally draining and highly recommended..."
- Francois Couture, All Music Guide

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Track Name: a beautiful vision
a beautiful vision
in my sleeping eye
imagining's delusions led a wanderer astray
a beautiful vision
a dream to end all dreams
son of patterns
god of detail
flitter flutter go his wings
a beautiful vision
something bold to strive for
an island in a sea of mediocrity
and lo
the currents fight you
try to consume you
like a beautiful vision
a world wasted on me
Track Name: the nucleus (featuring mark spybey)
some people need to cry
just to feel alive
sometimes warm sentiments turn cold
some people think that there is another life
i don't know

reaching further inward to the nucleus
when are we home?
nines and threes and sevens for infinity
when are we whole?
Track Name: an end
as if each step of the way was mired in brambles
how man times must you begin, only to waste?
and if fate finds us wandering
wishing this would all go away
baby, i'm sorry

i always thought that an end would bring the means
make it obvious
make it vicious
make it crawl

and if fate finds us wandering
wishing this would all go away
maybe i'm sorry
Track Name: a painless end (demo)
lower than the hole they'll dig
a bitter end of course
as fragile as a memory
a faded picture
and the band is playing
and after all, we fall from so many heights
and never have you found the wings
to softly bring the sky
even if you try, you know you'll fail
and even when you cry
there's no one rushing in to help
close your eyes and hope for a painless end
a painless end