Songs Of Eta Carinae

by orbit service



released April 1, 2006



all rights reserved


orbit service Denver, Colorado

"emotionally draining and highly recommended..."
- Francois Couture, All Music Guide

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Track Name: Wolves
we were an island slowly sinking in stale waters and though it may mean nothing now at that moment it was tragic it was all our hopes abandoned it was horrible for us so we sat our ship aflame and swam for shores that never came and in the drowning dream i heard them singing "drink it in - drink it in" and so we did and we were free and you were drinking in that cold death with me and wolves and lions and the devil depression in a swarm they came for us then each consumed the other and all those dreams we had were gone gone gone gone gone
Track Name: Show Of Hands
calling my number the tracks and the thunder heading south under veil of cloud no hesitation you chose your destination now miles and miles of misery believe me believe me lets have a show of hands who wants to go for a ride i hear them calling they're pleading for rescue from the other side hours have past the sky turned to glass then it rained down in razor sharp blades feel no regrets because we all placed our bets then burst right at the seams i've run all the numbers it looks like you're in for the long haul even the angels seem frightened for you as you fall
Track Name: A Hallucination
they filled in all the holes with ashes covered every sign and left us with our own anxieties soaked our panicked dreams in wine for every one step forward we take another three steps back and hold out for nothing nothing but your lies and then there were two it was me versus you and our smokey storm drifted asunder and bent like reflections in your hollowed out eyes i'm least of all the echoes never the thunder more like the vanishing sparks of night times heartbroken rain a fleeting vision a ghost a hallucination i can recite it verbatum i can remember every word and then there were two it was me versus you and our smokey drifted asunder and bent like reflections in your hollowed out eyes
Track Name: The Truth Eludes Me
i'm falling i'm fragile likely to break from the weight of the havoc the mad hatter backlash the price i have paid calmly i wade in i know that it's shallow you hide in a haze i don't know what you're after truth eludes me why do you hide why do you haunt me a prison of loathing i'm burned i destroyed me the swans in my sleep sold me my memories of cold isolation but it was cold all along
Track Name: Sparrows
i was a dying fire can you hear these fragile words it's sad but that's the beauty of it there's a goodness in this hurt and for all the tea in china all the liquor i could drink there's no persuading no one to pull me screaming burning from this heat my hands are little hammers and they hammered out these words pounding ghost on distant mountain "to the angel, love the goat" and my heart is made of sparrows mad birds from different spheres
Track Name: Halos
the crowd let out a gasp as the curtains fell then gone at last and even though we tried to capture all their glowing faces with the lights so low and all those burning halos i guess i got distracted there must be something in the air for now my heart is full of fear its pounding out the rhythm to this song we all have obligations and half the mind too and all the walls are stealing peeks and every window leaking and i can tell it won't be long
Track Name: Bruises
l s dont you run wait right here wait for me if only for a moment the stranger in your mind cried but i was a fool things like that don't matter not anymore i was always waiting and you know we'd leave it all to wander just roam but now you're nowhere and i'm glued to this room thought all turned to bruises but calm now like drifting in space i can't understand you words i don't know is it alright if we lose sight then what do we do if i can't understand you i'll be holding on you were how i knew but now you're nowhere and i'm glued to this room
Track Name: No Longer Do We Dream
these days all mutilated like carvings that we etched upon the earth all tied up tangled your words they have no meaning words they have no meaning they are circles our heads still spin on soft winds but colder now we freeze and it's hard to see you waiving from so far away and when we sleep it is no longer to dream