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"Twilight, mastered by Grammy-award-winning engineer Matt Sandoski, explores dark, brooding territory with near-telepathic interplay.
Seamless from start to finish, this eleven-song cycle sustains an ominous, slow-loping ambience suitable for doomsday -- or at least a rainy-morning shag. Armed with copious electronics and a Tibetan singing bowl, Orbit serves up a squeezebox-driven lament that recalls 16 Horsepower ("Dark Orange Sunset"), plus a scathing lesson in emotional economics ("Minutes, Dollars, Days"). Standout track "Thought You Should Know" pits memory, love and insomnia in a three-way showdown that would make the Flaming Lips proud."

- John La Briola, Westword Magazine

Orbit Service's debut album is, well, a debut album, with minor production flaws, overly indulgent stretches, and slightly uneven songwriting. In a nutshell, the band would do much better on Songs of Eta Carinae, which does not mean one should skip Twilight altogether -- on the contrary. It has a fair share of good songs and the uninterrupted flow of the track list gives the impression that Randall Frazier and consorts already had a clear idea of what they wanted to do. This album attracted many comparisons with Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Were they deserved? Yes: Frazier's voice does fit somewhere between Roger Waters and Thom Yorke, and the group's long, spacy instrumental stretches evoke the sedated psychedelisms of mid-period Floyd, but such references put thwarted expectations on the album and pigeonhole the band. You cannot be in a hurry to appreciate Twilight: things move slowly and the quiet, murmured vocals must be extracted from the dark accompaniment. Highlights include "Dark Orange Sunset," "The Seven Rays," and "Thought You Should Know" (although the latter would have benefited from some judicious editing), but these songs lose part of their appeal if they are taken individually -- the album is very close-knit, which, due to its depressing mood, makes it a demanding listen in one sitting. Still, Twilight is a good first attempt at a sound that would come to fruition on Songs of Eta Carinae. Start with the second album, and then come back to this one if you need more orbit servicing. ~ François Couture


released October 26, 2012



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orbit service Denver, Colorado

"emotionally draining and highly recommended..."
- Francois Couture, All Music Guide

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Track Name: start dreaming
you look out your window
you watch your days divide
i can't see the light in your eyes
you can't see the rain in mine
and some might say i'm dreaming
yeah, i'm dreaming to save my life
stay close to me
it's too dark to see
this fountain of endless night
i am the swan
and you are the sign that we'll make it all right
and some might say i'm dreaming
yeah, i'm dreaming to save my life
Track Name: dark orange sunset
there's not a single cell
that doesn't know the world is on fire
and the sky has not a tear to cry
on every map it seems to go both ways
let's all bring down our grey hairs
with sorrow to the grave
to the grave... to the grave
you lied
you've done us wrong
let's all stay home
and watch the sunset
filter through the vapors in our sky
i guess it doesn't matter
we all walk to road of tatter and ruin
we've ruined everything
i've heard the siren's call
she tottered to a fall
it's all because you had to have your way
maybe one day you will wake up caine
let's all bring down our grey hairs
with sorrow to the grave
to the grave
Track Name: a song about birds
i fill the void
all the way
and i'm a waste
on summer wings
i might wait
i might take
what i want
and you won't decide for me
and i won't say
that i have so much more to give than this
how do i divide you?
how do i deserve you?
i don't know

first light waning
last rights gleaming
undone from above
all that matters
windows shattered
fell through floors
and called out on the way down
"love, not loss"
Track Name: the seven rays
will you call my name when i fade
you know it wants me now
and it brings me down
the mind that burns the seven rays
and there's a never ending nightmare
that devours all my days
and i guess the joke was on me
just when i had accepted the hypocrisy
i thought i saw you
but it must have been a ghost
you couldn't feel me anyway
and in a faded blue horizon
you saw my fears
it blew us both away
almost for good
and i know you better than i know the way
and you know me better than you know the way
Track Name: how i know you to lie
stalling to wait
on the winter of my days
if i look away will i see you?
under the waves
i can't leave, i can't stay
and i'm swimming in pools with my sorrow
time changes things
now we drink it away
you can meet me at the bottom
i've been waiting for you just to say it
but now i know you
how i know you
how i know you to lie
over and over
over and over
just once more, can you say it?
just once more can't you say it?
Track Name: thought you should know
my memory is a dream
and i fail to sleep
because fail to see the point
and in my midnight showdown
with the black black sky
i look upon your angel face
and for a moment
we are frozen forever
for the moment
we are frozen
sometimes i can't see you through the fog
but i know that you are there
when hand touches heart
brings me back
when i'm lost
when i'm out there - nowhere
when i've lost my way
i thought you should know
Track Name: minutes, dollars, days
i saw you're wake on the horizon
i felt you shake and burn again
is this the way you choose t spend your days?
is this the way you treat your friends?
we all need the rain
we all hurt the same
i'd love to hear the reasons
but time is money
minutes, dollars, days
the prospects of the future
have got me running
i am the rat
this is my maze
if it gets colder
we could die here
the life has left just like the sun
on every road we see the same sign
the weather's worn the words
and lost is luck
i can't decide
Track Name: down again
the one time singled out
it's on the way
you know forever is
and i can't be caught
why so low?
because you know
you're on the way down
drowned in doubt
and don't you go begging to stay
you know the limits have been set
forever you have waited here
and forever is such a long wait
such a long wait